Average Lifespans in Mass Effect

Avoiding death by disease, combat, Shepard...

Vorcha: 20 years

Salarians: 40 years

Batarian: 80 years

Drell: 85 years

Volus: 85 years

Humans: 150 years

Turian: 150 years

Elcor: 500 years

Asari: 1,000 years

Krogan: 1,000+ years

Jenkins: 12 minutes

It’s sad to see so much misinformation circling around, from both parties, in regards to Scotland’s Independence Referendum. I am a fervent supporter of Vote NO, but that doesn’t mean I fail to understand some of the reasons people are voting yes. The Tories in Westminster are TERRIBLE. They are doing terrible things to this whole Union.. But PLEASE - you are voting on the future of this WHOLE union. Scotland has always been the centre left that is needed to temper England’s conservative (note the small c) tendencies - we NEED you. And this isn’t just a selfish plea - this is a very slippery slope, relying on good faith in Alex bloody Salmond. He’s fickle, please… this gambit is dangerous, for all of our countries.

For me, as I’ve said, I want a no vote. But I only want it by a small margin - scare Westminster so much that they know they MUST listen to your complaints and gripes in the future.

I’m too exhausted by this whole ordeal to do a lengthy discussion on the topic - I never thought of myself like this before, but this indyref has made me realise I’m PROUD to be British, proud to have roots throughout this union. Please, don’t let a bunch of tory bastards let you think you are not British, or make you think that such an association is a negative. We can give them the boot, but we NEED you Scotland.

But whatever your feelings are, no matter who you want to vote for - just make sure you cast a vote. Make your voice heard. And despite how difficult it is, make sure you’ve waded through the bullshit from both sides, so you can make an informed decision on this Union’s future.

scotland vote no vote yes better together indyref


Confession: So Adaar and Iron Bull don’t get helmets, right? I think in place of a helmet, they get horn armor. I think it’d be cool.


Confession: So Adaar and Iron Bull don’t get helmets, right? I think in place of a helmet, they get horn armor. I think it’d be cool.

An open letter to the people of Scotland

Tomorrow millions of Scots will vote in a ballot which is critical for our security. A vote for separation would undermine both Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom’s defence. At risk is the most successful alliance in history and one which has seen men and women from all parts of the…


Scottish friends,

In the words of the Queen ‘Please think very carefully’ before voting tomorrow.

And while you do consider this:

The Security that we have from the British forces.

The financial protection that the Union guarantees.

The friendly atmosphere that Scotland has had up until the now.

I don’t wan’t this country to be broken up, and whatever the differences, neither should you, because whatever Salmond promises about a fairer society - I think we can see that will not be the case.

Please, for the country’s sake, vote No.

Isn’t it fucking ironic that Scottish people living in England, Wales and Northern Ireland CAN’T vote on the future of their country and union. Stopping people voting in a referendum because you know they’ll vote against you - what a charming prospect for an indy Scotland’s future.